Better Image Building

I’ve managed to recently upgrade my image building process for this website, using some of what I have been learning about Nix. For a while while I was first learning to use Nix I thoguht of the language, the packages, and the OS as being one thing. And this did a disservice to both the breadth of what Nix offers as well as the capabilities it offers. Old Paradigm So previously with this site I used a fairly straightforward and manual process.

Multiple Version Testing

If you are interested in running multiple versions of the same development language using Nix and Nix Flakes, ride along while I setup a development environment that includes Python 2.7, 3.5-3.12 along with necessary development libraries. I will not be covering installing Nix on your system or the basics of the Nix package system or language. At the link above, you can see and fetch the flake.nix file. Each commit in the repository corresponds to a version of the file in this post.


What is CI? DRY CI So I have talked before about what CI actually means. That post was, admittedly, rather dry and academic. I think it’s important to sometimes make the distinction between what is just regular automation and what is strictly CI. When there is automation but no CI it is still very easy for errors to slip into a supposedly stable code base, as not every commit is tested before it is merged to the main.

Nixos on Raspberry Pi 4

So I’ve been playing around with NixOS on a Raspberry Pi 4 that I have at the house. NixOS seems like a great idea, but getting it onto the Raspberry Pi 4 is something of a beast of a process. So I wanted to document here how I did it. Most of the process is the normal NixOS installation process, with a few tweaks at the very end. My Pi’s Case is a Challenge Rather than having a plain Raspberry Pi 4 and writing the SD image provided by the NixOS team to that image, I have my Pi in an [Argon One m.

What is CI?

What is CI? DRY CI At work I have been doing CI for nearly 10 years, now. Having been working at Red Hat for the past 6 of those, some of the CI work that I do is available in open source contributions up on Git Hub. I plan to make a series of posts about that work, so I am going to start with this brief discussion of the very idea of CI before I get into working on the particular types of CI that I do.


So I recently grabbed a PinePhone, because my old Galaxy S9+ has been dying a slow death. The old one started out being finnicky about docking to the car, then charging became an intermittent hassle, then the screen started to die slowly. So it was time to get a replacement. Might as well go with something very different and out of place, eh? Why not take a look at the only generally available smartphone that was running an upstream version of Linux?

Respect Problem

America has a respect problem. Well, specifically Texas has a respect problem. People respect others too much. You see, there is too much respect going around right now, and I won’t contribute to it. This week Governor Abbott announced that he’s going to be rescinding the mask mandate he has had in place since last summer. Texas ranks last in distribution of the current COVID-19 vaccines. Yes, the vaccine infections have been falling lately, but they’ve fallen before only to rise again when we’ve reduced our vigilence.

Blog Begin

Hi, my name is Greg. I’m just getting started back to writing a blog, working with the Hugo site generator. So yeah, that’s what I’m doing!