Who I Am

I’m a dad, who lives in Texas. You might read and see a few things around here that tell you a little bit about those two things.

I’m a software engineer, who works for Red Hat, Inc. You very likely will see and read a multitude of posts about that. But before I worked at Red Hat, I worked at SoftLayer (I was there when we were acquired by IBM). This gave me the double joy of having been at two consecutive companies that were acquired by IBM. Before SoftLayer I worked for ONE Network Enterprises - a supply chain software company based out of Dallas, TX. And, before that, as a full stack developer for bits and pieces here and there.

What I Was Taught

I’m a graduate of Houghton College (‘06, BA Religion) and the University of Texas Dallas (‘09, MS Computer Science - Intelligent Systems).

What I’ve Learned

I’m convinced that automation is the key to a sane life in front of the computer. Any software that can ease my way by doing things itself is to be praised. I love to use it, sometimes I’ll even write about it. And I’ll probably try to get you to use it, if you come too close!

I’m convinced that most people are, fundamentally, good people. Even most of the people who have wronged you - if you knew their whole story, you would probably find that their actions and words are understandable and justifiable to them. Remember, “No one is the villain of their own story.” So, instead of leaping to condemn or point fingers, start from a place of empathy. You might find that far more doors are open to you than are closed.